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I first started photography in 2006, I was watching Mike Browns “Wild Trials” on RTE when they got Irish celebrities to go out and photograph wildlife around Ireland. I always had an interest in wildlife so I decided to buy my first DSLR camera and after doing some research I decided on a Canon EOS 350d with a 18-55mm kit lens. I hadn’t a clue about about shutter speed, iso, aperture etc., so I stuck on auto mode for the first few months. Over a decade later you’ll now find a Canon 5d Mark III or Canon 70d in my hands. As much as I love my full-time job (as an ambulance dispatcher), there’s really nothing I enjoy more than grabbing my camera and heading outside to take photographs. Although I mainly shoot landscape photography, I have grown to love shooting videography with my DSLR cameras and drones. Living in Newport, Co Mayo (the west of Ireland), there is an intense amount of natural beauty around and it’s not only relaxing but extremely inspiring to capture the aesthetics and candid life around me. Whether it’s videography, still images, or aerial photos of a stunning landscape, I enjoy nothing more than being outside and capturing the world around me.

**You can buy all images on my site and they can also be shipped already framed. Feel free to leave a comment or share on Facebook. I would be honored to have your support and interest in my work. 



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