11th July 2017

Otter at Burrishoole

Some footage of an Otter munching on an Eel at Burrishoole in Newport yesterday.


 7th July 2017

Fox caught on Trial Cam

Here's some footage I caught of a Fox on one of my trail cameras in Newport recently.

I have 3 trail camers, I always seem to get the best footage on the oldest and cheapest camera I own!

6th July 2017

These Goldfinches are the latest arrivals to the garden, I've been trying to attract them with this Nyjer seed feeder. It was out for the past 3 weeks without a nibble until yesterday and they have been feeding on it since.

Their by far one of the nicest garden birds to photograph I just love those colours.

This was taken with a Tamron 150-600mm G2 from quite a distance away hopefully I'll get a bit closer and get some nice shots of them over the next few days.






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